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Sins of the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon
This was definitely one of my faves in this series..

I seriously loved Alexion, Lex, Ias, hottest shade ever, whatever you want to call him.. He was just my kind of guy.. True, I prefer them living, but hey, I'm not picky.. ;o)

Alexion and Danger (what a great name!) were just too perfect together. I loved their going back and fourth, the way they played of each other so amazingly..

I LOVED how little we get from other peoples POV in these books, but I guess I say that in every review.. I loved that we got a new Demon to go along with Simi, because she is just too freaking funny..

I loved that we didnt get one thing from Artemis, cause... yeah.. She's just a bitch.. And I can say the same about Stryker.. Grrrr.. God, I wanted to kill that dude while reading this book..

Of course I always love when we get some more info on Ash, which we definitely did in this one.. I soooo cant wait for his book.. But I'll get there.. Just have to read.. you know, about a million more, but I'll get there..

And what happened to all the sex we got in this book?? *speechless* I mean, we even got a 69'er ?? What? Thats just crazy! But I'm sooo not complaining.. Hope she keeps it up in the next book.. ;o)