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Lothaire (Immortals After Dark, #12) - Kresley Cole Yes, Yes, YES!!!

Read this is one go. Couldnt stop.. Its now very late. Need to sleep.

Lotharie... MINE!!! Rawwwrrr

Review tomorrow..


Ok, so after having slept on it I have a few things to say about this book:

First: I think I might be in love with Kresley Cole.

Second, I think I might definitely be in love with Lothaire.. And by proxy Paul Marron.. Grrrrr

Third: This is definitely the hottest IAD book.. I mean.. Wow.. just.. Rawwrrr..
I, I swear to God, had to take tiny breaks from reading, to quickly check out Facebook, or GR, so I could get my brain to function again and so I could get my mind away from the only thought I had while reading, which was: Lothaire... Need.. Want.. Take me now..

Yeah, that sounds about right.. TMI for you? Probably, but fuck it, that’s what reading this book did to me. Made me a wanton lady in distress.. Or whatever the kids call it now-a-days..

This book was fucking hot, and there’s not really anything more to say about it! H.O.T!

This was the story of Lothaire, the Enemy of Old a.k.a Leo, and how cute is that, btw? Leo? Yes! Perfect for him! And it was about Ellie. Ellie is a redneck hillbilly who, at the age of 19, finds herself, with a demon inside her. That demon turns out to be Saroya, an evil bitch, who had chosen Ellie’s body as her own. They fight it out, about who gets to be in control. Leo thinks that Saroya is his Bride trapped in a rednecks body. Of course it turns out to be Ellie who’s his Bride and so their sexy story begins..

Before starting this book, I was scared that Kresley would make Lothaire into a “hero” as all the other men in PNR books tend to be. But haven’t we all loved evil Lothaire? I mean, he’s an evil SOB, but I’ve always loved him! Haven’t we all loved his wickedness and his dry, but funny as hell, comebacks? I was really scared that she would make him into a soft teddybear, because that just wouldn’t mix with his wickedness, IMO.. I don’t know why I ever doubted her, because she did it perfectly! Kresley managed to keep him “evil” and a “hero” in a PNR book at the same time! Amazing! Lothaire was just written perfectly!

I feel like I’m forgetting about Ellie here.. Its not that I didn’t like her, but this book really is all about Lothaire, but to be fair, Ellie was a great “heroine” and I loved that she was the one who turned a bit more wicked, instead of Lothaire turning good, if you know what I mean? That’s just.. Really.. Kresley.. Perfection!

The best thing about this series, is that we don’t get POV’s from everyone. This book was all Lothaire and Ellie, and how amazing is that?

Its fucking perfection is what it is!

12 books in this series so far, and its still the only one where I’ve given every single book 5 stars..

Its really just that good!