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Too many books - too much fanfiction - too little time

The Doors of Time - Felisblanco Ok.. So.. I just finished reading this story seconds ago.. And I’m really lost for words.. Not because it’s the best story I’ve ever read. No, definitely not. Or because I really just want to cry, right now, for some reason.. Or because I’ll miss the characters.. It’s none of these things, and yet, I’m completely.. Lost for words.

This fanfic is about 2 guys, Jensen and Jared (2 characters from the TV-show ‘Supernatural.’ – A show I’ve never seen, btw. So I don’t know if it’s about the show?) It’s about magic, but not in a ‘vampire’ or “hey, see me pull a rabbit out of my hat” kind of way. No, its magic that moves you and touches every single cell in your body. Its about love that transcends every.. Yeah, well ,everything.. and its about finding that love and coming to terms with who you are, and why its not that bad being needed by someone else..

And that is why I feel like crawling under a blanket to cry my eyes out right now (which would be kinda awkward, considering I’m writing this from work.. Oh yes, I ended up having to read the book at work.. It’s that good!) There are so many freaking emotions in this books.. Its heartbreak, its love, its lust, its silliness, its love, its laughter, its exhaustion, its sadness and its love.. Oh God.. So much love!
Its overwhelming.. I feel it.. I felt every Goddamn word, and.. Oh God. Every. Goddamn Word. Felt it. Feel it. Speechless.

That’s what this is..