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The Darkest Surrender - Gena Showalter

Ok, so it’s been forever since I last read a book..
And it’s been even longer since I last read a book and actually squealed out loud..

But this book definitely gave me my reading mojo back. I absolutely adored Strider and Kaia’s book. Strider has always been one of favorite Lords. I just love his cockiness.. Especially when he backs it up by being sexiness embodied.. Grrrrr

We all knew, after reading the last book, that these two would end up together, so I didn’t really feel that there were any drama involved. They never hated each other, they didn’t try to stay away from each other (Ok, well for about 2 pages) like they usually do in these types of books, but I really liked that this time. I liked knowing that they (of course) would end up together and all would be right in the land of the Lords. Strider and Kaia = 4 stars.

The only thing I didn’t like was William and his obsession with Gilly. Seriously. I get that he wants to save her, and he likes her. Ok. That’s fair enough. But the girl is only 17 and he’s like a million years old. I really do feel like that she might be his HEA, and that Gina might do something to get them together, and I’m telling you.. I would really, really hate that.. Just don’t feel right.. At all.. So because this book made me think that Gilly might be Williams HEA I will have to take one star from Strider and Kaia.. Sorry guys! ;)