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Domme by Default - Tymber Dalton

So the first time I read a D/s book, it was a guy Dom and a girl Sub.. And it left me with a bad taste.. Everytime he bound her I was growling and everytime he told her to call him Sir I was more than ready to shout´: STFU and was almost hoping the girl wouldnt do it.. Well, I'm not gonna lie, I was hoping the girl wouldnt do it.. I just didnt like it. But at the time, I thought.. Hmm.. So this is the life of D/s's huh? Dont like it!

Then I got into m/m books, and have read a million of m/m D/s books.. And I never had such a reaction to those for some reason. I didnt get the Sub POV though. And it irritated me. I couldnt understand why the Sub wanted to be a Sub, I guess.. Always about the Sub in these books. So thats what I focused on, and I still didnt get it. But I didnt hate the m/m books.. it was two guys after all, couldnt really relate to it..

It never even occured to me, that there where female Doms out there.. Or Domme's. Fem-doms.. I mean.. Seriously.. How could I not have figured that out before?

So yeah.. Smack me and call me surprised! (Dont smack me though! ;)

This book is about a guy wanting to be his Wife's Sub. He wants to call her Mistress and please her and do things for her.. Well.. Isnt that just what a good husband wants? Ok, maybe not the Mistress thing, but still..

I think this book gave a good insight into female Domme's for a person like me, who hadnt even given it a thought. I didnt know I had wanted to read a book like this. Its a short read, you get POV's from the guy and woman, and its an OK read.. Very softcore and a quick study into what could happen when a subject such as D/s gets talked about and tried out in a marriage, I guess.. (Wouldnt really know though.. lol)

There were some things I didnt like. More than once, the author made it sound like that men, who wasnt Subs were the ones cheating on their wifes, which is just silly. But I did like it, and I'm sooo relieved that a book with a D/s theme didnt leave me growling and grinding my teeth..

After this book I've found out that I like Domme's with a guy Sub more than Dom's with a girl Sub.. Dont know if I'm ready to figure out what that really means though.. ;o)