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Succubus Dreams  - Richelle Mead
Its funny, before reading this, I read other reviews, and almost all of them, stated that Seth was "such an ass" so for me, who loves Seth, I was quite intrigued by that, and what he might do in this book to get such a reaction..

And now that I've read it, and found out what it is he's done, I'm all like.. Go Seth!!

Seriously.. How can anyone think that Seth is the jackass here.. He's just did something (one time) that Georgina does every night..

And for the life of me, I cant figure out why I love these books. I really shouldnt. Here you have a couple you really want to be together, but they cant, and you have to see the heroine go out and bang half of Seattle every night.. I mean.. Whats up with that?

None-the-less, I really like these books. And I have to admit I loved that Seth finally went out and got some.. He needed some backbone and maybe to be away from Georgina for a little while.. I'm pretty sure they'll get their HEA after all..

I really do love Georgina and all her wacky friends.. I just wish Jerome and Carter would get it on already.. They would make one sexy couple, ey?