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Eternal Rider  - Larissa Ione
Wow.. Can I just say that... Wow..

This book surprised the hell out of me, and after finishing it, I almost wanted to slap myself. Because really.. I knew this series would take place in the same world as the Demonica series, and I Loved that series, so I should have known I would love this too..

And I did! Holy hell, I loved this book!

Ares... Mmmmm.. Alpha male at its best.. Rawwrrr

The second Horseman, and even though Im scared sh*tless of horses, I would ride his saddle, any time, any where...

Just sayin..

I loved Cara too.. I loved how she went from a scared little kitten to a kick-ass Tigeress.. The two of them together?? Can you say: H.O.T??

Hot, hot, hot!!

Amazing book, and 5 stars for sure!

I. Cannot. Wait. For. The. Next. Book.