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Succubus on Top - Richelle Mead
I only gave this 3 because I felt like it was a filler book more than anything else.. Which is kinda weird, considering its only the 2nd book in the series, but hey what can I do..

I did relly like it though, so 3 may sound a bit harsh, but it wasnt as good as number 1, and I gave that 4 stars, so yeah, 3 it is..

This is about Georgina living up to the promise she gave Jerome in the end of the 1st book. And its also about having to live with that promise, while having Seth (Omg, I love that man!) as her boyfriend in her life..

Ok, I know I said I loved Seth, and I do, but seriously, who would ever stay with someone, who they couldnt get it on with, and then knowing, that she was out having sex with other men every night?

That is just redic to me, and it should really make me not like these books, but I do.. I really do for some reason. Georgina is a kick-ass Heroine, and even though I dont want her with anybody but Seth, I still really like the story-line.. Its very funny, and I found myself snorting a few times, which was very embarrasing, conidering I was reading most of it on an airplane!?!

Anywho.. Like I said, this felt more "fillerbook" -ish, but even with that, it was funny, and sweet and hot too.. G's little birthday gift to Seth? Very hot! I just wish we could have gotten Seth's side too.. *wiggles eyebrows*