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Mann of My Dreams - Tinnean
Cant believe I made it through this.. Feels like I've done nothing else but read for a week non-stop.. Hmmm.. Maybe I have..

This is a free online read about Mark and Quinn.. Two guys on opposite teams so-to-speak.. Well, at least work wise..

Even though I didnt really like the changing POV's and the fact that we had to read the same scenes over and over again, I really loved these two together. I loved how it started out a game for them, how they tried to mindfuck the other one as much as possible. And along the way, it shifted in to something completely different..

I really loved Mark. This bad-ass guy trying not to show how much he wanted or liked Quinn.. Quinn.. Well, I know we are supposed to think that he's a bad-ass too, but I dont know. I just saw him a bit more.. umm.. not quite a bad-ass-ish.. But that doesnt change the fact that I loved them together..

Its a long series, but its really worth it in the end. And when I started this, it was just after having read about Sin and Boyd, which left me wanting to throw my laptop across the room, so I'm thankful for Mark and Quinn, because they left me in a much better state of mind..