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Evenfall (In the Company of Shadows, #1) - Santino Hassell,  Ais
I really have no idea how I'm ever going to review this..

First of all, I feel like I've been reading this story/book for the last 8 weeks.. Its an online story of 45 chapters and an epilogue, but there are no page numbers, so I have no idea how long it is, or how much I've actually read in the last couple of days.. But.. its a lot!

Can I just say, before I go into whats its about, that:

Holy Mother of sweet baby Jesus!!

This is good.. This is soooooo goood!! *growls*

Ok, now that I got that out of my system, I can go on..

I feel like this is a mix of the Special Forces books, and the Administration books..

Its about Boyd and Sin. Sin has been trained to be a killer since he was 8. His dad was a big-ass assassin, and trained his son to be the same. And with Sin's whole background, its not a surprise that he turns out to be a monster, who can kill anyone and everyone in the blink of an eye.. Sin has a lot of problems. Mentally and.. yeah well.. A lot of problems. When we meet him, he's been locked in a tiny cage for 6 months, and when his only weakness is claustrophobia, yeah, he's not in his happy place..

In comes Boyd. He's been picked to be Sin's new partner. Let me say that this story is taking place in the nearest future, after a WWIII situation. Sin works for The Agency. Anywho.. In comes Boyd as Sin's new partner. And when you think about Sin killing his last 4 partners.. yeah.. Boyd doesnt have high hopes for how this is going to turn out..

But Boyd is the first person to see something else in Sin, other than him being a monster and therefore a friendship forms..

This is about Sin finding out that life can be something else than just killing, and he discovers that he is actually capable of trusting another person..

Ok, this is a very rough draft.. And there is sooo much going on. Missions, fights, killing, whatever..

Let me just say that this is without a doubt the longest bulid-up to a "first kiss" I've read.. Holy hell!!

But when it happened?? Jesus Christ!

Soooo goood!!! This is just.. So. Freaking. Good.

There were whole chapters of me wildly shivering and moaning, because everything they said to eachother was just that good, and everything they did to eachother was just that good, and everything was just that fucking good! There were so many one-liners that had me shivering in this book, that its just insane actually!

Sin... Mmmmm.. I love him! I freaking love this dude! With everything from his freaky green eyes to how he responded to Boyd.. Grrrr!

"I want whatever you want to give me."

Give him everything, Boyd!!! Please dear God, give him everything he wants!

I absolutly LOVED this story, and I cannot wait to start the 2nd.. Which I will, about 2 seconds after I'm done here..