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Shopping & Fucking (The Administration, #3.8) - Manna Francis This is a short about a wicked shopping trip.. Toreth decides to take Warrick to a sex shop, where he tells him to pick one thing.. Warrick decides on a closet of sorts, where he can be hung from cuffs..

That leads to a very, very hot date night..

Which leads to a hot dirty phone call..

Which leads to Sara later, seeing the bruises on Warrick's hands and ankles, which again, leads to her freaking out..

Warrick decides to "come clean" with her, or to at least try and explain why he needs Toreth, or the the things Toreth can do to him..

That talk seriously made me teary eyed.. Wtf Milla? Good Gawd, I'm such a sap.. Typical, that the first time I get teary eyed so far, in this series, its because of Warrick and Sara..