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Playing with Fire (The Administration, #3.5) - Manna Francis
Playing with fire indeed.

This short is about Warrick finally getting some, away from Toreth.. And when he's pissed off, that Toreth screwed someone else, once again.. Warrick decides to let Toreth know that he screwed around too.. Which, of course, he has every right to, since they are only "regular fucks" and nothing more than that.. Nooo.. of course not..

Anywho.. of course Toreth doesnt take the news so well.. He actually thinks himself, that he's being hypocritical, but still, he wanted Warrick to be his and only his. But before Toreth even has the chance to tell Warrick that, Warrick says he's sorry, and that he will never screw around again.. Which made me very happy.. Until Toreth told him he couldnt say the same, which led them to having sex.. What?

So nothing has changed.. Warrick is still the good little boy, not cheating, while Toreth is still the SOB screwing everything with a heartbeat.. Good short though.. ;)