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Game, Set (The Administration, #3.1) - Manna Francis
This short is about Toreth and Warrick, yet again, having to deal with jealousy.. What about giving up, and just have each other, huh guys?

Anywho. Toreth gets a socioanalyst, Carnac, into his life. Carnac has been assigned to write a rapport about the I&I and choses Toreth as his "personal slaveboy." Carnac is a mean SOB, and tries to come between Toreth and Warrick, because he can and because he thinks Warricks deserves better than Toreth.. Carnac plans to get Toreth to trust him, and then leave him.. To fuck him up even more, so-to-speak.

Anyway. Warrick doesnt like Carnac nad Toreth screwing, so he tells Toreth that he doesnt want to see him, as long as he's seeing Carnac too. Of course Toreth doesnt understand why, because he's emotionally challenged, but it all works out in the end, where we finally get to see Warrick doing Toreth!! Been waiting for that. And it definitely delievers! Hot!