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Surprises (The Administration, #2.4) - Manna Francis
This is a short about Toreth, coming to terms with feelings of jealousy.. (Hell yeah!!) He doesnt want Warrick to have sex with anyone but him in the SIM.. But of course he cant just say that to W, so he just stops calling for 4 days, and doesnt take W's calls either.. Such a baby! ;) But of course, W, knows somethings up, so he confronts Toreth, where he finally tells him..

Later, Toreth feels like buying a gift for Warrick.. And with help from Sara, ends up choosing a pair of linked cuffs and a metal collar, which of course brings Warrick in heat when he opens the gift.. Sadly for him, Toreth made him open it, 2 secs. before they have to be at a galla at the SIM, so they are both very much in the mood, for the next 6 hours, before they are back in T's flat..

Loved this short!! And I just love, love, loveeeee Toreth more and more!