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Pancakes (The Administration, #2.3) - Manna Francis This could be my favorite short about Warrick and Toreth so far..

The guys meet for their usual Friday date night. They meet at a bar. But when Toreth starts talking about his crappy day at work (which of course Warrick doesnt want to know about.. Considering, yeah well, that Toreth torments people for a living) Warrick stands up and leaves Toreth at the bar!! Yayy for you Warrick! God, I LOVED that moment!

Anywho.. Of course that leaves T, quite Gobsmacked. Cause nobody walks out on him, right? So what does he do? He decides to get drunk.. And then what? Well, then he comes up with the best drunken decision of his life (IMHO;) he drunk visits Warrick!! Yes! Toreth had never been in W's flat before, and W was still mad, but when he saw how pissed Toreth was, he got him up to his apparment.. Where T vomits (again and again) lol!! Thats just too funny.. Toreth, the bad SOB, cant hold his drink, ey? I love it!

Anywho.. Warrick gets him to bed, while he sleps next door. And in the morning Warrick makes pancakes for Toreth... Awwww..

Loved this short, and I just love these two guys!!