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Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #9) - J.R. Ward Read from March 29 to 30, 2011

Wow, I really didnt expect to love this book as much as I did.. The only reason its not a 5 star rating is because I doubt I'll ever be able to give a new BDB book 5 stars, before I get my Qhuay HEA.. But more on that later..

This book was about Vishous Payne and Manny.. I really really liked their story. I'd read a lot of reviews beforehand, and they were saying it wasnt as hot a story, and I agree, but I loved the sweetness in Payne, and the fierceness in Manny.. And I LOVED that we didnt have to read a million pages of "I'm not worthy of him, I'm not worthy of her." Hate that shit.. So all in all, I really, really liked this "main story."

We got alot of V in this book.. I'm sure the Warden used this book to right some of her wrongs in V's own book.. Really describing to the reader why Jane turning out a ghost is the best thing that could have happened.. V is a mental fuckup in this book. He cant handle almost losing his twin, and Jane being the almost murderer.. He goes in hardcore BDSM mode, and needs Butch to do the sexy dirty deed..

I dont know what went wrong here though, I had expected ALOT from this "hardcore BDSM" scene that we had heard so much about, and then it ended out being a gagball, a mask, a pair of cuffs and a spoon.. Yes.. A spoon!! Wtf? Ok, ok, I know.. Butch played a nice trick there, and it was the only thing he could do to his wannabe hellren but "hardcore BDSM? Dont think so..

I loved V in this book though.. I loved how we got to see this "human" side of him.. I loved how he walked away from Jane.. Its sooo not anything we would have expected, which makes it fucking awesome in my book.. Of course he also made me tear up with his heartfelt love declaration to his Jane, and for that I just love him even more..!

Qhuinn.. Oh fuck, Qhuinn.. You broke my heart.. Just tore it out and stamped on it.. Thats what you did, you bastard! (Oh God, I love you!!) Ok, I know we wouldnt really get a good Qhuay moment in the book, because the Warden is going to keep that locked up til she gets down to writing their HEA (Mmmmm) but I cant stand seeing him like this.. He knows he loves Blay.. He admitted it.. Go do something about it God dammit!! And put your fucking piercings back in before I slap the hell out of you.. (Still love you!)

Blay.. Hmmm.. Whats to say.. I love the eff out of the kid, but I dont want to see him with Saxton.. I just dont! Saxton? Yeah, everyone said he was sweet in this book. That he knows Qhuinn will always be Blay's one true love.. So. Back. The. Fuck. Off.

I hate him.. Always have. Always will.

Favorite Sax part: "They never held hands. Never kissed in front of anyone. And there were no covert hot glances, either. But then again, Blay was a gentleman. And Saxton the Classy Slut put on a good show. His cousin was a straight-up-whore....."

Hell motherfucking yes!

All in all, I thought this was a great book! An amazing book! Hot, sweet, sexy, heartbreaking, heartwarming and just a fantastic read!

P.s If I have to read a book where Qhuinn gets Layla preggers, I will have to hurt someone.. And it will probably be Layla.. Just sayin..

Re-read in april 2011.
Still 4 stars, but if its even possible, I think I hate Saxton more after the 2nd read.. And Qhuinn is still my gayishly bisexual soulmate!