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Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville
I really liked this story!

Review over..

Or maybe not.. lol ;o)

This is about Jack who witnessed a murder, by some crazy mafia SOBs and therefore has to be put in the witness-protection program. For some fucked up reasons, D, a hitman gets tricked into killing Jack, or tricked into taking him as a killing "job" or whatever the hitmen now-a-days call it.. For some reason he cant do it, and they go on the run.. together..

Along the way, they start getting feelings for eachother.. And thats kinda the premise for this story..

Jack is a Doctor, and one of those good guys while D, is a crazy bitch, with a really bad accent.. Yeah, that was really bad btw..

But somehow I just fell in love with D. Even with his bad accent. I'm guessing it was a Southern accent? Anywho.. I loved the dude.. Tough, tormented bad-ass.. Aww, for some reason, its allways the tormented bad-asses I fall for.. (Hmm.. I should try not to dig into that too much, I think.. ;)

Anyway.. Enough about me.. I really liked their chemistry, and their lust for each other.. (Lust is always good, right? ;)

Ok, so all in all, I really liked this, and would recom. it to anyone who likes a bit of mystery/crime mixed with some hot man on man love..

And hey, who doesnt?