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Succubus Blues  - Richelle Mead
I'm actually quite surprised about how much I liked this story..

I've had this lying around the flat for a year, or something like that, and just never really felt like reading it.. Cant tell you what promted me to pick it up today, but I did, and here I am, 4 stars later..

This is about Georgina. She's a succubus (you know, one of those who needs to sleep with a lot of men and doesnt need a pimp)
She certainly has a lot of men in her life. Both immortal and mortal. Seth, a mortal writer, plays a love interest. And definitely the one I want her with. Sadly this book didnt come with an actual ending, so I cant say if they do or dont, but with an ending like this one.. Yeah, I'll bet good money that they most definitely do. :)

Ok, so yeah, there are a lot of strange things in this book. She screws a married man, regularly, which I dont really like.. And then there is the fact that she apparently "loves" everyone. Roman (the bad dude) she loved.. and even had sex with him, AFTER she found out he was the bad dude.. Wtf? But why? And then of course she also uses the word "love" with Seth.. Not to him yet, or anything, but still.. I hate when they do that.. Its only been a couple of weeks, and you havent even kissed the dude.. Yeah, I dont think its love just yet, Georgine.. Or Seth for that matter.. Maybe you should have a 1st date before throwing the word "love" around? Just a thought..

Anywho.. I did really like the story, it was fast paced, and very funny at times.