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The Mistress and The Mouse Season Two - J.J. Giles
I dont know why these books didnt come with a warning.. I mean seriously.. WTF?

Ok, fair enough, that there are people out there, who get off on weird shit.. Go right ahead.. I just dont want to read about it.. You absolutly get no-what-so-ever warning, before you start this book, about what actually happens in it.. It should have been in big bold print on the front!

And again, I'm sorry if I'm offending anyone, but seriously.. These books need so many warnings its not even funny.. The only reason I even finished them, was because I had already paid for them, and I'm stubborn as fuck.. So let me be your warning. Try to think of the weirdest kink you can imagine, and its in this book.. I mean.. People are screwing their own family for Gods sake.. Holy. Fucking. Hell. !!!



So yeah.. WARNING!!!!! Dont read this, if you're not into weird shit..