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The Mistress and The Mouse Season One - J.J. Giles

So... Yeah.. Umm.. What to write.. How to review..

First of all... Fuck! No!

Second... *gag*

I have no clue what to write here..

This is the first part, so I dont have the ending yet, but everyone can figure out who's going to get a HEA..

Ok.. Fuck.. I dont know what to say!

There are SO(!!!!) many things in this book, that are just wrong.. And I mean Wrong with a capital W! Maybe the author sat down one day and thought: Hmm.. So if I could write a book with every. single. kink. out there, how would I do that? And ended up writing this book.. I mean.. WTF?

I've read normal love stories between two men, that had a "Warning, there's going to be a kiss between two guys in this" and there was NO warning with this book? What? HOW??? There are fucking men in diapers in this book (thank fuck it wasnt graphic). There are parents who have wild BDSM sessions with their kids. (No sex between them yet though, even though it wouldnt surprise me, if we got that in the 2nd book..) And yeah, you better believe thats where the *gag* comes in.. WTF is wrong with these people!!??

And what the fuck is wrong with me? No, I cant say that. Because in order to finish this book, I had to completely distance myself from it.. Normally when I read a book, I get really involved in it, and try to relate in some way, to the characters. But I figured out pretty early on, that if I did that with this one, I would have puked my guts out and burned the book.. I mean.. Seriously? WHAT. THE. FUCK.?

Ok, let me try to actually explain what its about so far.. Its Brian, who is a Sub. He's living with the love of his life. Morgan. She's his Master. An ex-hooker. He comes from a very rich family, but walked out on them, 10 years ago, because they were trying to pressure him into a life he didnt want. Anywho. He meets Morgan. They live happily together. He wants to marry her. Because she grew up poor, and hates rich peeps (and doesnt know Brian is rich) he thinks the reason she keeps saying no, is because she doesnt love him enough. The real reason is that she killed her step-father, and cant tell Brian that, because she's afraid he wont love her anymore.. (*rolls eyes*)

Brian's father is a Dom, who teached his kids about BDSM.. (*throws up a little*) And after finding his mother beat up, Brian thinks its his father, and makes him see a sex therapist.. Which is his own grlfriend.. Which shouldnt be that shocking, except for the fact, that Brian knows, Morgan is a "practising" Sex therapist.. So yeah. Brian sets up his own fucking father, with his own fucking girlfriend (*throws up a bit more*) Thank God, Brians farther, Jerry, doesnt know that Morgan is Brians girlfriend though.. Anywho.. Brian and Morgan spilt up for a stupid reason. Morgan doesnt know that Jerry is Brian's father either, and they play dom/sub some more. Jerry falls in love with Morgan.. And Morgan in torn between them.. Not knowing the family link.. Well, not really. Because Brian is her no. 1, even though she think's he's going to marry someone else.. Or whatever.. The storyline couldnt be more "Soap Opera." Well, if you dont count all the family nastyness that goes on in it, of course.. (*throws up again*)

If it had just been a normal storyline, with out all the nasty kink (and I've read some crazy shit, but family kink?? FUCK! NO!) I think it could have been an OK story..

I'm scared to read the 2nd book, and I wish more than anything that this one had had some sort of endning, so I could have stopped here.. But no. And because of my stupid stubbornness I have to read the 2nd one.. Thankfully I think the family shit is over now.. Oh God, please let it be over!!!