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Unlucky Break (The Administration, #2.1) - Manna Francis
This is a very short story, a free online read on the authors website, btw.

Its about Toreth and Warrick, needing to go to the hospital, because Warrick broke his wrist, in the middle of one of their sex sessions..

They cant get the handcuffs off, so Warrick is gonna have to explain what happened to the doctor/nurse..

Anywho.. Thats all fun and sweet, but then Toreth, the little slut goes to the hospital cafeteria for some food (while the guy he's fucked into a broken wrist is in a room getting manhandled) where he meets and talks to a woman nurse.. WHO HE THEN PICKS UP!!!!

While Warrick is in the next freaking room!!!

Little. Slut.

Thank God, I'm not "emotionally involved" with these two characters yet, or I would have had a stronger reaction to this little pick-up action, I'm sure.. (lol)