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Submission (Deviations, #1) - Chris Owen,  Jodi Payne
So here's the deal..

I always end up reading these BDSM books.. And I always end up rolling my eyes, while reading them, thinking: Seriously? and But whyyyy???

And for some reason I always end up giving them plenty of stars.. And I have no fucking idea why!!

There were sooo many things in this book, which went against all the things I dont like about these books.. Like the fact that Tobias the Dom, told Noah the Sub, that this was all about Tobias' feelings and his needs.. Grrr.. That is my biggest problem with BDSM.. I just dont get it. I dont get why being told that, while you're the one suffering the pain is sexy for a Sub. Maybe thats why I keep reading these books. To learn about that, and to finally understand a Subs mind? I just dont get it!

And I still dont after this book. I dont get why Noah could get off on being told he had to do all the chores and clean the house and the horse stalls.. And yeah, Tobias told Noah he didnt want a live-in slave, but the guy didnt do one chore himself, and couldnt even wipe himself dry after a bath, so yeah Tobias.. You have a live-in slave!

With that being said, I really liked Tobias.. Aww, he was so sweet and understanding, and I loved that. I loved Noah too, he still had the balls (hardy har-har) to play with Tobias, and stand up when he felt like it, and I like that. Maybe that just shows how un-sub I am.. I love it the most when the Subs talk back.. *shrugs*

The first half of the book was hard to get through. It was all D/s scenes, where Noah got trained.. Grrr.. The second half was very sweet though, and I liked them together..