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Vampire Mine - Kerrelyn Sparks
Good Gawd, I love a hot vamp in a kilt!! Grrr..

And Good Gawd, I LOVED this book! Read it in one go, and I was smiling the entire time, I think...

This book, the 10th in this amazing series, is about Connor, the Scottish vamp. He is Romans personal boduguard, and when out on a mission to kill some evil bastards, he comes across an Angel, getting her wings clipped, and banished to Earth.. Of couse he doesnt know this at the time, and he certaintly doesnt know that this beautiful girl used to be the Angel of death either..

This is about their love story, and Holy Hell, I loved their love story! The Angel, Marielle could be the sweetest main character ever written.. She's not used to having a human body, so everything is new to her. Food, feelings, tastes and of course sex..

This could be one of the funniest LAS books for sure.. Marielle was effing funny.. I mean, how she kept using the word blowjob (not knowing what exactly it is, of course) just killed me.. lol So funny!

Its such a sweet story, and it was excatly what I needed.. Yeah, ok, the ending was a bit rushed, and a bit too perfect, but whatever.. We all need a sweet HEA once in a while..

Phineas & Brynley?? Oh hell yeah.. Thats going to be one kick-ass book! Please Dear God, let them be a future couple! Love them together!

All in all, this was just a great read, and such a sweet and very funny love story!