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And So Is Love - Scarlet Blackwell
I'm pretty torn about this book.. I feel like it could have been an epic love story... if it hadnt been sooo rushed..

Its about a straight guy falling in love with his gay cellmate, in prison.. Just that one line makes me shiver, because that could be the start of an extremly interesting and hot, sweet, sexy, heartbreaking and heartwarming story..

It just wasnt.. It was sooo rushed that we didnt get to know the emotional parts of the characters.. We just quickly read what they felt and in the next line it would be 6 months later, and we would go.. Ohh and then it would be 6 months later again..

I really loved the Dane character.. I thought he fit perfectly, and I LOVED(!!!) that he didnt use the word Love until the end.. I would have cringed and growled if he had used it before that moment I think.. Bailey? Well.. Yeah, he used it wayyy too soon for my liking..

So yes, I'm torn, but only because I feel like this could really have been an epic love story, had it not been rushed so much..