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My Vampire and I - J.P. Bowie
Hmmm.. As the 2 stars say.. It was ok..

It didnt grab me at all, but still an OK story I guess..

Its about Roger, who meets a vampire at his birthday party.. Falls in love with him within minutes gagging and they live happily ever after..

Of course there is a near death (haha.. Vamp.. near death.. get it? ;) experience but they make it out alive.. Or as alive as a vamp is these days..

Thats it really.. We get it from Rogers POV. And the way he remembered these first months with his vampire, made me wonder if his Vampire would die at the end.. Not even gonna lie, I would have prefered that.. Not because I didnt like him, but just becasue it would have been unexpected.. And sometimes unexpected is way better than expected.. Which this book is right from the first page..