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Unleash the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon
So what do you do when your computer crashes and your internet doesnt work for days? Well.. You pick up a book of course.. And I picked up this one, when I had to live without the World Wide Web for a couple of days.. (God, that sucked btw)

Anywho.. Let me start of by saying that I may be in love with the sexy as hell Were-tiger/leopard in this book..

Wren... Mmmmm... I heart you!

From the first moment we met this tormented, bad-ass guy, I was lost.. Good God, I love him.. And I want him... Jsut sayin..

This was a great story, and I was hooked from page one. Wren is a great character, and Maggie, his HEA was most definitely a great match for him.. Not as good a match as me, but whatever..

I loved the two, and I loved that once again there was no Artemis, or any other freaks. Nope, we only got the good guys, and that is a blessing in itself.. I hate all the 'freaks' POV's we normally get in other series or books.. Not in this one though..

Oh, and did I tell you how hot this book is?? Good God.. Hell to the yes! Grrrr.. I hope we get a lot more of all this naughtiness in the next books, and I for one cant wait to find out..

All in all, this is just one hot book..