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Cry to Heaven - Anne Rice

What the fuck just happened??

What the.. I'm at a loss for words here.. I have absolutly no idea how to review this book.. So I'm just going to say whatever just pops up..

I kinda want to say it was the worst book I've ever read..

And then I kinda want to give it 3 stars... Wait.. What the??

This book is 540 pages long..

The story could have been said in a few lines..

A guy gets castrated (in the 1700's) by his own brother father, and gets send away to a music school, where he meets his gay lover. The guy, Tonio, gets famous, the best castrato in the world. He meets his woman lover. He wants revenge and plans to kill his brother father, but because of love he learns that revenge isnt as important as forgiveness.. He ends up killing his brother any way.. The End

There.. The rest of the 540 pages were just more castrating (Jesus Christ!) singing, and so much describing, it probably took up.. well.. I dont know.. 500 of the 540 pages??

It took me 4 days to read this, because I had to put it down after reading 50 pages.. Then I would pick it up again an hour later, read 5 pages and roll my eyes, and had to leave it again..

This was my first Anne Rice book.. And yeah.. Probably my last too..