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Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Immortals after Dark Series #10) - Kresley Cole Hot, hot too effing hot!!!!

Review tomorrow..

Next day..

I think this is the first time I've waited a day to write a review. But I had no choice really, cause I stayed up late to finish the book.. And yes, I had no choice there either.. There was no way in hell I was putting this book down!

Easy now Milla.. Lets get to the review before I start cursing, yeah?

Can I first say that there is nothing better than reading a book on the day of its release? Well.. I guess I just did.. Ok, now on to the review..

This book.. *shakes head* Good Gawd!!

I fucking LOVE Kresley Cole! How she can make me end up loving the "hero" in this story (and yes, just calling him that makes me cringe.. You'll see) is a freakin wonder, I'm telling you!

But I did.. The guy who started out stabbing our Regin (and turning the knife inside her!!!) ended up as her HEA! Thats soooo insane and crazy, I cant help but love it! And what that says about me, I dont want to think about

It all really started in the prologue.. On my Kindle the Prologue was 11% (!) long.. Which is crazy, but it worked! It so worked! We got to meet Aidan the Fierce and we got to fall in love with him, and not least fall in lvoe with Regin.. Yes, she's been funny as hell through the books, but I loved how we got this vulnerable side of her..

Declan Chase... Grrr.. How the fuck I ended up loving you, when you started out as a girl stabbing, crazy, fucking junkie I have no idea.. But I did! And I loved this book!

The story takes place at the same facility we saw when Carrow was taken in the last book.. Its the same story, but through another pair of eyes. Some of it, I felt we had seen before. Like the La Dorada thing... Oh, and I dont know if its a good thing, but I actually started liking Lothaire in this book? What the hell? Still not feeling the Nix and Lothaire vibe though..

Anyways.. This is one intense book.. There is a lot of hurting, both physically and mentally and the things our Regin goes through.. Wow! Kresley Cole you are one courageous author! And I heart you for it!

Did I say intense? Yes.. Did I also say that this book is hotter than hell?? No? Well let me tell you then.. This book is hotter than freakin hell!! The bathroom scene? *shivers* Even with no actual sex? Fuckhawt! Grrr..

Uhhh.. And we got a new vamp! A new halfling.. Thad.. Interesting indeed!

To sum this up.. I LOVED Regin in this book.. I ended up LOVING Declan. I LOVED the play betwwen them. I LOVED the sex between them, and I really just LOVED this book!