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Keeping Promise Rock - Amy Lane
Damn, this is really hard reviewing..

I read this book over two days, and maybe I just shouldnt have picked it up after reading the first 50%..

The first part had me in tears more than once, and it was intense and heartbreaking.. And I liked it! I liked Crick and Deacon together, and even apart, when Crick went to Iraq..

Then I picked it up the next day, and I just couldnt get into it at all.. It didnt get to me, like the first 50% had.. Which is a shame really.. I know a lot of people love this book, and maybe I'm just reading it at the wrong time, because I didnt. And I really wanted to.

I want to say I fell in love with C & D and Benny and Jon and Amy.. I just didnt. The ending should have left me with teary eyes, because trust me, I have bawled my eyes out over less happy endings than this one, but something just didnt click when I picked it up again today..

I do think its my own fault though.. Sometimes you just have to not pick up an angsty book..