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Duty & Devotion - Tere Michaels

Let me start off with the bad thing about this book!

That it ended!!! Omg... I loooveeee Matt and Evan.. I'm like shaking right now, I just want to keep these two guys in my life, forever and ever and ever and ever!!

I dont know what it is about these two middelaged guys, who used to be straight.. I just love them so much, and I wish I could bribe the author to keep writing about them.. I dont care if its about a trip to the mall, a car ride to the beach, or just reading about them watching a movie on the couch.. I just want more.. Please!!!

This book was about Evan coming to terms with being gayishly bisexual in love with a man, and what that labels him.

Ok, I could go on and on about what this story is about, and what happens, but I dont want to. I just want to keep talking about how much I love Evan and how much I love Matt.. Because Oh God.. I love them so much!!!

I dont care if you're straight, gay, bi or gayishly bisexual, you just have to read these books, and if you dont fall in love with Matt and Evan... yeah well.. then you're... something.. I dont even have a word for that, because its physically impossible not to!

I miss them both so much already.. But I'll get back in touch one day guys.. I promise!