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Faith & Fidelity - Tere Michaels I'm kinda shocked about how much I loved this book..

The blurp scared me, because I've never been good with 'past lovers' playing a big part in a story. I think my 1 star rating shows that pretty well. But this book just grabbed me right from the first page, and I ended up loving these two guys.

Matt and Evan.. Wow.. You guys.. I dont really have words for why they ended up having a place in my heart.. I just loved them.. And I never wanted the book to end..

Its such a strange love story.. 2 straight men, finding each other and loving each other.. And yes there were some drama, but it just left me with such a warm fuzzy feeling inside, after reading it..

I cant give it 5, because there wasnt any closure or a HEA. Not that I had expected that, because I know this is a series, but still.. And also because Matt went out and got himself some man-love when Evan broke up with him.. Yes, he had that right, but I just cant get over how my mind was screaming 'nooooo' when I had to read that..

Anyways.. I really, really loved this story, and I'm thinking about just skipping the 2nd book, and going straight (ha-ha) to the 3rd, so I can get back to Matt and Evan.. And I kinda want to start reading it... right about now..