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The Long Way Home - Z.A. Maxfield

Wow, I really liked this book! The characters, the storyline, the characters, the hot sex, the characters, and last but definitely not least: The characters..

Kevin and Connor.. God.. I loved those two together..

Connor.. Grrr.. He's sooo my new favorite guy.. I just loved (and I mean LOVED!) him! The way he acted, the way he handled Kev, the way he talked to Kev.. The way he talked to Kev!!! So freakin hot!

I loved how Kevin started out as the alpha male, but then let this younger guy, completely overwhelm him, and possess him.. Like, in the way where you could feel how much they just wanted to eat each other up, and be inside each others skin.. *shivers* Loved it!

I'm definitely a 'MINE' type of a girl, so maybe thats why Connor quickly became my new best friend, because he had that mentality too. He knew Kevin was his! No doubt about it.. And the way he said it... Grrrr.. Yes!! Connor I effing heart you!

The story was great too.. Even though Andrew was an everlasting name in this book, and I usually dont do 'past loves' very good, I didnt really mind with this one. I knew, right from the beginning that Kevin and my Connor would end up together, and they would get their HEA.

The only 'bad' thing about this, is how they couldnt see who the 'bad guy' was even though it was the most obvious thing.. Really.. very obvious..

But that cant take anything away from how much I liked this, because I really did, and I miss my Connor already..