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Too many books - too much fanfiction - too little time

St. Nacho's - Z.A. Maxfield I thought this was a really sweet story..

Its about Cooper, who is supposed to be this hard-ass-dont-want-to-let-anyone-close kind of guy, after being in a drunk accident that had a fatal outcome. He didnt drive the car though, but still feels responsible..

He drives around on his motorcycle, never staying in a town too long. One day he arrives at the bar St. Nacho's where he meets Shawn, a deaf guy, who turns his world upside down..

Coops only love in life is music and playing his violin.. For a guy that doesnt let anyone close, he definietly lets Shawn close very fast, because they were together, from like, what? the 3rd page?

Anyways.. I really liked the two of them together, they definitely were an 'awww' kind of couple..

I didnt have a problem with the whole Jordan part of the book, it kinda fitted, and I really liked the way it ended between them. Liked the fact that Coop kept thinking 'I'll be back, I'll be back' when he drove away that last time.

The story didnt really get me all worked up though, wasnt a lot of drama or angst, but yeah, just a sweet love story with a lot of music and text messages.. ;)