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Island Heat - A.J. Llewellyn, D.J. Manly
It's not that often I have tears in my eyes, while reading about 3 guys going at it in a 3some.. I have to admit I had just that, with this book though..

But honestly, I think I had tears in my eyes, throughout most of the book.

This story is about Roman and Philippe. They've been together for 3 years, and had to deal with a cancer threat, when Roman got breast cancer.

Roman is scared that Phil will not look at him the same anymore, and when they travel to Bora Bora, and suddenly meet Phil's ex, Tane, who is sex-on-a-stick hot, he first feels inadequate, but decides that he's going to fight for his man.

Phil knows he loves Rome, so he's confused about seeing Tane, and wanting him again.

There are so many emotions in this book, even during all the hot sex.. Its really great writing, I think.

I really liked Rome and Phil together, so I didnt like Tane.. at all! And I hated that they felt they had to have him like that.. Maybe its because its so far, from something I would do myself, but I just dont get the whole sharing thing..

I did like the story though. Its a very fast read, and if you're into sweet stories with just a tiny bit angst, this could definitely be for you..