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A Note in the Margin - Isabelle Rowan Ok, so the reason I picked up this book earlier today, was actually only because of one thing: I wanted a book to make me forget and make me cry.. Plain and simple.. Why? Well, I'll tell you, but let me also say that this book, while it did exactly what I had hoped (read it in one go, and cried my eyes out) it also made me feel quite a bit better afterwards.. But let me get back to that.

First.. Ok, so the reason I went straight to the "Best gay tear jerker list" and picked this out, is because today is my birthday and I have the plessure of also having pheunomia, so I'm stuck home alone, with nothing to do. And yeah, canceling my Birthday and considering tomorrow is New Years (which will also be a night alone.. Arghh - I hate you pheunomia!!) I was feeling really sorry for myself, and very depressed.. So I thought.. Off to 'Best gay tear jerker list' so I can cry and feel even more sorry for myself.. And in comes "A Note in the Margin"

Wow! just.. Wow!

Let me start off by saying that I really loved this book, and that it definitely helped me overcome my self-pity, thats for sure..

This is such a hard book to review for me though..

The book is about John, who buys a small bookshop, and with this bookshop, comes a young 'assistant' Jamie, and also a homeless man called David, who the last owners let in to read books in the back..

The story quickly lets you know that John gets feelings for David, and tries to help him off the streets. The story isnt really about that though. Its about David struggling to be the man he used to be. Before he ended up on the streets. Back when he was a father to a little boy. A boy who is now older and wants to have his father back. And this story is about David struggling to be that man again, along with being the man John needs him to be, and its about John, learning that what he wants isnt always what he needs, and that David even with his flaws, is perfect for John..

I have not done this book any justice here, because its an amazing book, but its just really hard explaining why.. Its about love, acceptance, depression, and love!

So.. This book definitely took away some of my self-pity, and made me cry my eyes out, and if that doesnt deserve 5 stars, I dont know what will?! ;D)