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Hammer & Air - Amy Lane

What to say.. How to review..

Let me start off by saying that I liked this.. I just dont know why..

This is a really odd story.. I'm not really sure what the 'theme' was, or what the author was tryin to say with it.

This is the story of Eirn and Hammer (told from Eirn's perspective) who are 2 best friends who grows up together loving eachother. When they are finally old enough to understand those kinds of feelings, they have to run away and they come to a magic house where they learn to be themselves together, and they learn what the word 'love' really means and how to use it for eachother..

Ok, so I kinda summed it up, I guess.. There was also a 3rd person, a bear, who was supposed to be trying to steal Eirn away from Hammer.. But that was just weird, because the reader was told from the first word, that Eirn and Hammer meant forever, and we, as readers, never doubted that, so the bear part was kinda strange.

This story, I guess, is just very strange. I dont mean that in a bad way, because I did really like it, I'm just lost for words here.. (And trust me, if you knew me, you would find that strange as well ;)

It was a very sweet story though.. Yes, thats the right word I think! Its very sweet! There's no drama, unless you count the bear as one, but I just thought that was.. yes, you guessed it, strange!
There was no angst or *oh no he didnt* or *shit, whats going to happen now* No, it was just very sweet and... strange.. (Sorry, but thats really the only word on my mind right now)

Anyway.. I did enjoy the story, and thought Eirn and Hammer were very cute together, and I hope they both got their final dream as they hoped for..