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Fugly - K.Z. Snow
What a great short story this is..

3 guys, who like to hunt beautiful men, get their lives turned upside down, when they wake up with a nasty rash on their face one day..

Now the beautiful men they once hunted, wont give them a second look, and whats a guy to do then??

I dont think you get the theme "Its whats on the inside that matters" more than you do in this one.. Its really whats its all about people..

I loved all of the 3 guys (and David the nerdy writer too) but it was a short story, so we didnt really get to know them, like we would have, had it been a 300+ page story..

And was it just me, who felt that this could have been a side story to another book? I mean.. The Jackson and Aidn storyline? Now, that sounds like it could be a hot one..

Anyway, a sweet short story, where the author's opinion on people who are superficial, is not lost on the reader.. at all..