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His For The Holidays - Josh Lanyon, L.B. Gregg, Harper Fox, Z.A. Maxfield, Angela James I bought this book, because I've read the blurp for one of the 4 short stories in it and wanted to read it, and thought with the titel, and it being Christmas, that what the hell.. Let me have all of them and give it a go..

And thank God for that! Such 4 very different stories, but all charming in their own way and full of love in all shapes and sizes..


I wrote a review for each short story as I read them, so I'll just post them here:

1. Mistletoe at Midnight By LB Gregg (4 stars * * * *)

What a cute love story to help you find your Christmas spirit..

I thought this was a funny and sweet short story about two guys that never stopped loving each other..

I really loved Owen and Caleb together, and with the awesomeness that is Owen's mother and brother, I thought this was a great read..

2. Nine Lights Over Edinburgh By Harper Fox (4 stars * * * * )

After having read 70% of this story, I wrote as an update that this was the least gayest m/m story I've read so far (and by God, I've read a lot.. Thanks Qhuay! ;) and after having finished it just now, I can safely say that its still the least gayest m/m story I've ever read..

That doesnt mean its the worst though.. Far from it actually..

This story is much more about a lost man, who finds himself at age 40 with nothing but a broken marriage, thoughts about the only love he's had at age 16... with another boy, and a daughter who's been kidnapped..

This story is about this man, James, finding and saving his daughter while coming to terms with the fact that he is gay, and that the man helping him with finding his daughter, could be the love of his life.. There are no "I love you's" or red roses and picnics here though.

This is NOT a lovey dovey story.. This is more a crime/mystery/Wow I'm Gay and I want you kind of story..

I loved it though.. Its very fast paced, and for a short story I thought we got to know James and Toby very well, and I definitely wouldnt mind reading a follow up, about these two alpha males and how they are living their lives now..

3. I Heard Him Exclaim By Z.A. Maxfield (3 stars * * *)

After the first couple of pages I was thinking that this definitely had the possibility to be a 'teary eyed' book.. And guess what..

It was!

I ended up with teary eyes at the end, because.. yeah well, because this is just a really sweet Christmas story about love and acceptence.. And because I'm such a girl and happy endings make me cry

I loved Steve, The skinny Santa, right from the start.. He was just so calm and.. right! He was just so right for Chandler.. Not to mention right for Poppy too.. This is not about drama or angst, its about trust and finding out that sometimes you need to let other people help you make the right decisions, and that it will all work out in the end..

I dont know what else to say. If you like a feel-good love story, this could definitely be for you..

Let me leave you with one of the best ways, I've read a kiss being described.. I actually read this line over and over again a couple of times, because it literally left me licking my lips..

"Simply kissing Chandler Tracey felt like flying and falling and landing on a soft cloud of hell, yes.


4. Icecapade By Josh Lanyon (5 stars * * * * *)

Let me start out with what I didnt like about this story...

That it was sooo short! Yeah, thats the only bad thing about this little gem!


That game Noel and Robbie had going on with each other.. The game of give and take, to see who would give in first? Oh God, it was so well written, and beautifully dragged out (as dragged out as it can get in such a short story) that I, I swear to God, had a shiver, run through my body, when Robbie finally gave up and went for it.. Omg.. That was the best moment.. ever!

I could have read this story forever and a day I think..