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Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark Series, Book 8) - Kresley Cole Oh, it was so good being back in the world of Immortals after dark.. Gods, I've missed you guys!

And of course I got to meet the new guy on the block.. Malkom Slaine.. Mmm.. Yes please! I loved this book! Malkom and Carrow were a perfect match.. (At the end, at least ;) and I loved her in this book.. The witches have been known to a bit.. naughty? in some of the books, so I was relieved to see how big a heart Carrow ended up having.. And how cute is the whole 'stepdemon' thing? Awww..

This book made me laugh out loud a number of times, as well as getting me all teary eyed.. Thats what Kresley does, and thats why she is one of my favorite authors..