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The Wish - Eden Winters Damn, damn, damn..

After the first 20 pages of this book, I had cried and laughed, and that kinda laid the ground rules for the rest of it.. Well.. Maybe not so much the laughing.. The crying though? Oh dear God..

I think its safe to say, that I have never -ever- cried this much over a book before.. Like.. seriously, full blown bawling.. Luckily they say its healthy to cry, so I'm not that worried..

But wow.. What an amazing book this is.. Its so full of emotions, and.. yeah well, emotions of all kinds..

The love the uncles show to their two so very different nephews is amazing, and the love they have for each other is amazing, and the love the two nephews find in each other is amazing, and, yeah well, its just a freakin amazing book!

Love, love, loved it!