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Counterpoint - Rachel Haimowitz

Ok, maybe I shouldnt review this so soon after having finished it, because all I want to say is:


Like.. Seriously.. WHAT THE FREAKIN FUCK just happened??

How the hell is it even legal to end a book like that?? I seriously want to break something so bad right now. Just pick up a vase and throw it into a wall.. I've never done that before, but I think an ending like this, quite possibly derserves it! I mean.. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

Phewww.. Let me try to explain this.. I started this book about 3 hours before I had to be somewhere, and the closer it got for me to leave and stop reading this book, I found myself coming up with different kind of illnesses and other fun stuff that I could suddenly come down with, to keep me home, so I could keep reading.. I was that freaking hooked.. I didnt, but when I got back home and threw myself on the couch to finish the book, it was like crawling under a nice warm blanket, duvet (or whatever you call it) on a cold winters night.. I freaking LOVED this whole book, I'm just not sure why...

Its an human/elf m/m love story for gods sake? But this book had me crying my eyes out! Like, I could have watered a whole garden, thats how much I cried..

How can you let someone you love go through 208 whip lashes, while you sit on your throne and watch?? How is that even possible?? Oh my god, I want to cry just thinking about it now.. Seriously Rik?? How the fuck could you do that!!!

And then.. And THEN!!!! The ending.. There is no ending??? There is no freaking ending!!!!.. As you sit there with tears rolling down your face, your adrenaline going because so many things are happening, you turn the page and it just says: Will be continued in fall of 2011!.


OMG, I'm so mad right now, I cant even think straight.. And I dont know how to give this any stars, because its clearly a 5 star book, but the lack of ending?? Are you freaking kidding me??