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Bareback - Chris Owen I dont really know why this is a 4 star review instead of a 5 star, but probably because of the cheating subject, that I personally would never forgive.. (and cheating for 2 months? Gtfu!)

Anywho, with that said, I really liked this book. I cant even count how many times I teared up, while reading it. Actually it was so much, I was kinda laughing at myself, thinking, Oh here I go again.

But there were just so many emotions, going on in this book, that I couldnt hold them back. I loved Jake.. (Even though he took Tor, the cheating bastard back) and it was mostly him that made me go all girly and tear up..

Now, after cussing him out, I'm allowed to say that Tor was ok too.. He made mistakes but Jake did too, and in the end it was clear that they belonged together.. And I could have kissed Tor when he said that the first rule was, that never had to "play around" with other guys anymore.. Thank fucking God!

All in all, this is a highly emotional book, with a lot of hot m/m action, and apparently that's what I like in my m/m books.. lol

Ok, so 4.5 stars then..