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Need - Sean Michael Oh Trick.. You have singlehandly brought back my faith in m/m books.. And for that I'll be forever grateful.. Because I do love me some m/m action once in a while.. (Or all the time, but who's counting)

I've been so confused about the "sharing" that goes on in most m/m books, and why nobody gets jealous?? I mean.. Seriously.. I would die before sharing my boyfriend (whenever he decides to show himself that is ;) with anyone.. And I just didnt get that nobody got jealous to see their boyfriend kiss of have sex with another guy..

So thats why I'm SO glad that Trick did in this book, well, it was really that he didnt want anyone feeding Bast, but I still got the "yay Trick, you tell him that he is all yours" feeling..

I really liked this book, and I liked how different Bast was from all other vamps (gay or not) that I've read about.. I'm still a girl who loves her "MINE" moments in books (vamp, gay or not) and I would have loved that from Bast, but at least Trick got a MINE moment, and I guess I cant ask for more than that..