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Covet - J.R. Ward This one is hard to review for me..

The problem, that I knew I would have, is that I cant help but compare it to the BDB, which I absolutly fucking love. Or am obsessed with, but whats the difference, really?

Let me start off by saying that I wanted to quit the book after the first 40 pages..

I actually had to put it down at that point, to get a break from it. Wow.. From the get go, it was just so heavy, and I just couldnt get into it at all. I didnt much like any of the characters, and I just wanted Z, Qhuay or whoever from the BDB to walk into the Iron Mask.. Which of course I knew wasnt happening.. Even though Butch made an appearance in the church.

Anyway, I took a break from it for a day, and then forced myself to try again.. And I remember noticing when I made it to page 122, thinking.. "Wow, is this the same book?" After the first 120 pages the book takes off and never looks back. And I got freaking hooked! I had to force myself to put it down, or I would have stayed up all night finishing it..

Even though I liked it, NONE of the characters got to me at all.. I really wanted to love Adrian the same way I love Lassi from BDB, but even though they could probably be twins, there was just nothing there for me.. Jim? Blah.. Vin and MT/Gretchen were cool, but I still cant stand the I-met-you-2-days-ago-and-now-I-love-you concept.. Hate that..

Ok, all that sounds very negative, but I did really like it. I liked the plot and I've already ordered Crave, so I'm not all negative, I guess.. Right? ;o)

Still.. Now, after having read it.. I cant help but compare it to the BDB. Which probably isnt fair, but hey, if she didnt want the BDB vibe she shouldnt have based the story in Caldwell, should she now?

So with that said, I really liked it (after the first 120 pages) but it has absolutly nothing on BDB, and therefore I can only give it 3 stars..