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Eat Prey Love - Kerrelyn Sparks Well, smack me, and call me surprised!

Damn.. I had absolutly no high hopes for this book.. Well, yes, Carlos had been pretty funny in the previous books, but a whole book just about him? Hmm.. Yeah, that had me a bit concerned..

(And here is where the 'smacking me' comes in)

How surprised do you think I was, when this actually turned out to be my favorite book so far? (I'm SO sorry Ian, I still love you though *kisses*)

The chemistry between Carlos and Caitlyn was smoking hot from the beginning, and I was hooked from the first page.. I actually had teary eyes on page 22 (!!) On page 22, for Gods sake!!! Thats just crazy..

I adored Caitlyn.. From the first time we met her, I knew she was my kind of girl, and Carlos didnt really have a chance, did he now? ;o)

Carlos.. Yeah, my most yummi vamp (in this series) is hands down, still Ian.. But I dont know, there is just something ultra sexy about Carlos. And who doesnt love a ultra sexy were-panther these days?

Great book!!