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The Vampire and the Virgin - Kerrelyn Sparks What is it with the vamps in kilts, that just does it for me??

I was actually a bit scared starting this book, and put off reading it quite a bit, because of the reviews I had read, were all a bit negative and said that this was a 'filler' book in the series.

But let me tell you, if she wants to write more 'fillers' it would be OK with me, just as long as I get more of these yummi vamps in kilts.. ;o)

I really liked this book, and I thought Robby was amazing (and so yummi, if you hadnt figured that out by now ;) and Olivia was just perfect for him. A "sassy wench' as Robby would say..

Granted I dont like the we-met-2-days-ago-but-I-still-want-to-tell-you-I-Love-you concept.. I mean, that is just too out there for me, and it makes it so unbelievable for me.. (If there is such a thing in a vamp book ;)

I thought this was a great book, in this series, that I've come to love..'

Now it's on to the Were-Panther.. And that has to be an interesting one! :)