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The Prince's Angel - Mychael Black, Shayne Carmichael Damn, damn, damn, damn... DAMN!!!!

Oh sweet Jesus, I fucking loved this book!! I mean.. Just.. Wow!

I had no expectations at all, before starting reading this book, and I found myself reading it in one go. I think my house could have caught on fire without me noticing it.. I was that far gone!

The overall plot and story is great, but its the love story between Mael and Cian that just blew my mind! I cant even explain why I completely fell in love with these two hot guys, but from the first time they meet, it was just.. It was just the perfect mix of lust that turns to love that turns to everything else.. Its just SOOOO good!

More times than one, I sat there reading with my mouth open, and couldnt get to the next page quickly enough..

And then there were the sex.. Can you say H.O.T ?? If you cant, you should read this book, and then I have no doubt, you'll be able to say just that..

The ending..? O.M.G! Best fucking ending in any book I've ever read. Any book that ends with those 2 words, deserves at least 5 stars, I just really wish I could give this many more than that! Amazing!