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Many Roads Home - Ann Somerville If you're looking for a hot, sexy M/M book, this defintiely isnt it. When the main character looses his big V, on the last page, you can figure out yourself how much comes before that.. Not a whole lot, let me tell you that..

But if you're looking for a sweet M/M story, this could be for you, I guess. Even though I'm still a little confused about it. Yeah, I get that we are in a "made up" land, but I never figured out the year, which made it a bit difficult to visualize what kind of clothes or whatever these people would wear..

Now I'm thinking about it, there were a few more things I didnt like about this book. What was up with all the "young boys" Paole had in the beginning? We didnt know his age at that point, so that made me a little negative towards him.. Just sayin..

I dont know.. Not my favorite book, but loving the guy on the cover though.. ;o)