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Too many books - too much fanfiction - too little time

Bound by Blood - Jourdan Lane Thanks to Qhuay and some fanfic stories, I'm apparently into M/M stories now.. And thank God for that!

I liked this one. It was definitely one of the "bloodiest" stories I've read, which I dont mind, and then throw in a hot vampire and his soulmate, and you have yourself a pretty hot story..

I've never, not in real life, or in books, been into 'sharing'. There is quite a bit of it, in this one, and I had to stop myself from growling because of that.. I mean.. Whats wrong with having enough in the one that you love? Anywho..

Besides that, I liked the story, and I liked Peter very much. He was a sweetheart who could kick some ass when he wanted, and how hot is that? ;o)