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Double Blind - Heidi Cullinan Oh God, I really loved this book..

I LOVED the Randy in this book. In the last book, he had been that cocky SOB that liked to play, and didnt really care, but I absolutly loved it when we got to see all his feelings and how scared he really was.. And fuck me, when HE was the one that got me sobbing through the whole book.. Damn him.. ;o)

I loved Ethan from the first moment we met him. That scared boy (if you can be that, when you're 40) that just wanted to get one lucky break from a freakin roulette table.. (That reminds me.. Always bet on red!!)
And I loved seeing him change from that scared "boy" to the man he had become, at the end with Randy, at the craps table.. (How effing sweet was that?)

I loved how Randy became the sub in this relationship too.. It just made so much sense when that happened, and yeah well, I think I could go on and on, about what I loved about this book, but thats really all I can say..

I fucking loved this book!